Wife & Husband Team  

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Heather Wilson

Lead Photographer

The arts have been a huge part of my life, so I guess it's not surprising I went to school for it. Through my childhood, teen years, college, and now adulthood I have always been involved with some form of art; choir, theater, classic visual art, writing and poetry. Creativity is how I express myself and unwind.  I love my paints and brushes, and of course, my camera. Photography is unlike any other form of art, because you're using the real world and capturing it's beautiful scenery and people. Photographing people and showing them exactly how wonderful they are is the best part of my job.  

I know I look really young, but I graduated from Seattle University with my Bachelors in the Fine Art of Photography and minored in Creative Writing in 2014.

Things that make me feel good: hiking, the ocean, mountains, white cake, art, authentic films, cats, cozy sweatshirts, painting, folk music, singing, Ireland and Guinness, bookstores, laughing babies, red wine, theater, traveling, sunflowers, gardening, and white chocolate mocha's.


Cory Wilson

Second Shooter

Cory graduated with a degree in Film and Video from Seattle Central Community College. He has a unique way of viewing the world and is always working on some kind of project, such as script writing, recording for his podcast "Ghost, Life, Whatever", or playing around with vintage film cameras. He's got a witty sense of humor and good taste in wine, which makes him an entertaining companion.

Things that make Cory feel happy: cats, in particular our cat Henry, nature, sweets, film cameras, Pink Floyd, Morrissey/The Smiths, films by Stanley Kubrick, red wine, alone time, winter, Ireland, hiking, rosemary, gardening, camping, the X-Files, popcorn, and pork fried rice.

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Photos of our life:

There are photos from our wedding (taken by my wonderful cousin Anna Mayer and son Tyler) our travels in Europe, around the PNW and Yellowstone, our cats, and there's probably a few of my two nieces who I love so dearly. We like cozy evenings in, movies from the 80's/90's, music such as classic rock, 90's Indie and folk. Together we love doing jigsaw puzzles, exploring nature by camping and snowshoeing, sharing bottle of red wine or our own glasses of Guinness, seeing good theater, and also just being together. Marriage is awesome, and I'm glad we're going through this adventure called life together.