My First Indian-Chinese Wedding

I was so excited when I received an inquiry for an Indian-Chinese wedding. They said they learned about me and my work through a friend of theirs that lives on the same floor at their apartment complete with someone who went to photography school with me. Small world! I had never photographed a wedding that wasn’t of the Western culture. I knew it would be an new experience and I would have to learn a lot. It was full of laughter and fun and conversations with friends and family, but there were also many smaller pieces that were symbolic and traditional that I would learn about as I was photographing. 

Aditi and Matt's Welcome Dinner BW-17.jpg
Aditi and Matt's Welcome Dinner-9.jpg

The only pieces of the brides jewelry that were purchased were her bangles to match her different outfits (oh yeah, she had 3 different outfits throughout the 2 days. So much fun, wish I had 3 outfits at my wedding). The rest of her jewelry, the rings, the earrings, the necklaces were all passed down through family. The large red jewel ring had been worn by all the women of her family on their wedding day for at least 4 generations. The bride and groom also wore each others cultural wedding outfits. So Aditi being Indian wore a traditional Chinese wedding outfit and Matt being Chinese wore the traditional Indian wedding outfit, as a symbol of accepting and merging the two cultures together.

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At the welcome dinner before the wedding day, there was a henna artist who was there to decorate anyone’s hands. She had done Aditi’s hands and feet the day before. On her index finger she put the Chinese family name of her Fiancé among all the traditional Indian henna designs. 

Learning about all the different meanings of every part of the rituals in the Indian ceremony and then in contrast the simplicity of a Chinese tea serving ceremony. Along with the tea there was the giving of small but meaningful gifts that welcomes the bride into the family. If you are not of these cultures or have not attended one yourself you would probably be just as curious as I was. For those of you who are aware of all these things because you are part of the culture yourself or have attended a wedding such as these, well I must say, I'm glad I finally got to be a part of one myself. It was fun and intriguing. 

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Even though this wedding had cultural traditional ceremonies, that doesn't mean they don't know how to party at the end of the reception... 

I hope to receive more weddings that are of a different culture than my own. 

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