I LOVE a good Cake Smash

One of my friend’s adorable chunky cheek smily baby girl turned one this August and we did a cake smash to celebrate it!

I mean seriously, they’re always fun. One year olds are the kings and queens of making a messes and just letting them get as messy as they want is pretty excite to watch. We had discussed the style of design of it but actually once we were there and set things up we took most of it down because we liked the simplicity of focusing on just her. We first did some sweet portraits with her real flower crown before we let her have at it. Fro those of you who are local to the Puget Sound, we did her smash at Point Defiance Park in Tacoma near the rose garden. She loved the frosting as you will soon find out, her Mama would shout and encourage her saying “Yeah! Get it girl!!” Why can’t people encourage me like that when I eat cake? LOL,

Near the end we let her silly big brother in on the action and some adorable sibling magic happened. Scroll through to see the smash unfold. If you would like to do your own cake smash with a little one email me and we will get these cupcakes rolling. lol

McKenna Cake Smash-1.jpg
McKenna Cake Smash-3.jpg
McKenna Cake Smash-5.jpg
McKenna Cake Smash-14.jpg
McKenna Cake Smash-13.jpg
McKenna Cake Smash-17.jpg
McKenna Cake Smash-19.jpg
McKenna Cake Smash-18.jpg
McKenna Cake Smash-20.jpg
McKenna Cake Smash-21.jpg
McKenna Cake Smash-22.jpg
McKenna Cake Smash-23.jpg
McKenna Cake Smash-26.jpg
McKenna Cake Smash-29.jpg
McKenna Cake Smash-30.jpg
McKenna Cake Smash-32.jpg
McKenna Cake Smash-34.jpg
McKenna Cake Smash-36.jpg
McKenna Cake Smash-42.jpg
McKenna Cake Smash-38.jpg
McKenna Cake Smash-39.jpg
McKenna Cake Smash-40.jpg
McKenna Cake Smash-43.jpg
McKenna Cake Smash-45.jpg
McKenna Cake Smash-47.jpg
McKenna Cake Smash-52.jpg
McKenna Cake Smash-53.jpg
McKenna Cake Smash-55.jpg
McKenna Cake Smash-49.jpg

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