the beautiful natural you...and no, you don't have to get these photos done for anyone but yourself

But I'm sure if you have a significant other they'll be pretty excited to get them too.

Boudoir is all about learning to see yourself for your true natural beauty. You are unique, you are beautiful, and you absolutely deserve to have photos you feel so proud of that you want to share them with the world, but will probably keep secret instead. Like your first real love letter you keep safe in your diary, treasure box, or between books on your shelf. Only these letters are from yourself. I fully believe in making women, and men, feel great about themselves in a natural, comfortable way. No major photoshop here, only regular editing so that your body actually remains looking like your body. Just beautiful light and skin, a pretty outfit in lace or soft cotton against your unique curves and edges. Just you looking your best in an intimate setting.

$500 for 1 hour in studio. Final Edited Hi Res Digital Files and an 8x8 20 page Photo Book Included.

OR $400 for 1 hour in your own home if it's got great light inside. Digital files and the photo book still included. 

P.S. A Boudoir client receives their final photos with their face in photos. The sample gallery shows them cropped out to help preserve their identity as they requested.