Q.How many hours of photo coverage do I need for my wedding?

A. Most weddings need 7-8 hours of coverage for a day. Here is the common photo schedule breakdown.

  • 1 hour of getting ready photos
  • 1 hours of Bride and Groom First Look & Portraits
  • 30 minute for Wedding Party Photos
  • 30 minutes for Ceremony
  • 1 hour for Family Portraits & Cocktail Hour
  • 3-5 hours for Reception coverage.
  • Up to 1 hour of travel buffering depending on the ceremony and reception locations.

Q. What counts as an elopement?

A. Elopements are small, very very small. Maximum 15 people, this also includes people that might be at a reception. An elopement reception would be for example in someone  backyard or dinner at a restaurant. If you have more questions to see if your wedding would count as an elopement feel free to inquire with some details and I'll let you know if that'll count or not.

Q. What is print credit mean in your product packages?

A. Print Credit (P.C.) means you have chosen to purchase at least that amount of print products. Print products are pretty much any products that is not a book or album. So paper prints, fine art prints, canvas, metal prints and etc... So if you know you want some canvas prints button sure what size or how many, this is a good way to promise yourself you'll get those canvases but don't have to choose exactly what you want before you see your photos.

Q. for my portraits session can i do an outfit change to have some variety?

A. For a Fly-By 30 no, for a Flutter Session absolutely.

Q. Do you have a deposit for weddings?

A. Yes. We do 25% non-refundable deposit with contract signing. The precise amount is calculated based on the agreed upon package the client has chosen. The deposit is due at the signing of the contract which can be done in person (always preferred) or through the mail. 

Q. Do you do...Doudoir?

A. Sure! I'm not one to discriminate, so if you count yourself to be anything besides female, don't be shy, please ask! I'de be happy to work with you to find a setting that suits you. Click here to go to the Boudoir page.

Q. Can I split my time up in the same day?

A. Not usually. You purchase a block of time. If there is some downtime in-between pieces of the day I will photograph decoration details and venue scenery as much as I can. If there is a lot of time in-between parts of the wedding day I would be happy to chat about it and see if it's possible.

Q. Do you have a space to do Boudoir? my bedroom isn't all that glamorous...

A. Absolutely. It's a rented space, a beautiful space with lots of natural white light. There's a bed with white sheets and comforter and some elegant and soft other pieces of furniture as well. It photographs wonderfully.